Water Heater Services

Is that old water heater acting up again? Water not getting hot? Smelly water? High water and electric bills? We can fix your water heater quickly & easily today!

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We Service Any Type & Brand of Water Heater

Water heaters can be tricky little appliances when they act up. Common problems are high electric bills, and warm or cool water coming from the tap or faucet. Tampa Bay Plumbers has the solution to water heater repair and we can service any heating system in existance.

Water Heater Leaking or Not Getting Hot?

Is your water heater leaking? do you need a professional plumbing technician to check it for you? Call Tampa Bay Plumbers. Our plumbing technicians are available 24-7 and they offer FREE estimates. Our plumbing technicians are experienced and highly qualified for any plumbing issue you need. We can repair, repair, or even replace your water heaters. Our plumbing technicians can repair different types of water heaters.

We can repair natural gas, propane, other gas types, electric, insta-hot, and solar. We deal with the following brands:

If you smell gas near the water heater, shut off the pilot light, close the gas shutoff valve, and call your gas utilitycompany for assistance.

If you suspect a buildup of sediments in the water-heater tank if the hot water is discolored or is taking a long time to replenish. If this is the case, you'll need to drain the tank completely and flush it with clean water. Check the water heaters temperature settings if you have noisy plumbing. It might be too hot, and the noise may be the result of steam building up in the pipes.

Some Tips on proper Water Heater Managment

Make sure you aren't running multiple appliances that use hot water - running the dishwasher and the washing machine will make your shower short and not so sweet.

Notice whether the water smells like sulfur. Sometimes bacteria that live in the water get out of control. A good dose of chlorine will usually take care of the problem.

If these checks do not result in an improvement, there may be a need to replace the unit. Consult with Tampa Bay Plumbers 24 X 7 Customer Service to discuss your options.